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Ibarra Premium Chocolate

Come and learn why Ibarra Premium is the chocolate with the highest quality,ingredients, and flavor natural origin.

The combination of its natural origin ingredients, the fusion of grat taste, its unmatched texture and perfect flavor makes Ibarra Premium Chocolate a genuine table chocolate just like the original recipe.

A high quality chocolate made with the best selection of cocoa beans from the finest crops are processed into a chocolate with ideal qualities to be used not only in preparing the traditional chocolate but in different types of hot or cold beverages, desserts and other GOURMET specialties that will give you the perfect touch of a tradition.
Enjoy a delicious Ibarra Premium Chocolate!!


Chocolate Ibarra Premium Chocolate for its special qualities is certified under the Norma Oficial Mexicana (NOM) as a Genuine Chocolate meeting production quality standards and being developed with the processes and ingredients of the highest quality.

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